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La Luna Nueva
A festival of Hispanic arts and culture from around the world in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month

Beginning September 16, Miracle Theatre Group is pleased to present La Luna Nueva, a festival of Hispanic arts and culture from around the world celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. Like the new moon emerging from the shadows, La Luna Nueva shines its light on new artists and new work across a variety of disciplines. Join us for spirited flamenco, Cuban jazz and intimate boleros, bilingual poetry and songs from local authors and musicians, storytelling for families, open mic nights and staged readings of four new plays.


“The Evolution of Latino Hip Hop” with Latin Groove PDX Productions
Two performances: 7:30 p.m. • Thursday, Sept. 29, 2011 • $15 advance, $17 door
From ritual dances to modern footwork, this cast of nationally recognized dancers and choreographers explore the influence of the ancestral sounds of the indigenous tribes of Africa and the Americas on modern Latino hip hop. Performances groove to the revolutionary rhythms of fandango, salsa and samba, leading to today’s street hip hop percussion music and dance styles. Artists include choreographers Gabriela Portuguez, Roman Vasquez, Charlene Rose and dancers Damon Keller, Valenka Cully, Brian Baker and a featured musical number by Joaquín López. [See artist bios below and visit the La Luna Nueva library at for links to multimedia samples.]

Fusion Flamenco: Travesuras (“Pranks”) with Ricardo Diaz
Two performances: 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. • Saturday, Oct. 1, 2011 • $25 advance, $28 door
Flamenco guitarist Ricardo Diaz — who recently recorded his debut album in Spain’s Jerez de la Frontera, the cradle of flamenco music — taps the passionate and intense gypsy energy that leaves audiences with stories to remember. At Milagro, Diaz will be joined by gypsy singer José Cortes and dancers Antonio Arrebola and Jason Martínez. [See artist bios below and visit the La Luna Nueva library at for links to multimedia samples.]


 “Postcards from Havana” with Jessie Marquez
Two performances: 7:30 p.m. • Friday, Sept. 16, 2011 • $15 advance, $17 door
Latin jazz vocalist Jessie Marquez blends Cuban, Brazilian and pop sounds to create lush music with cool grooves. While her themes revolve around love and longing, her soothing vocals are balm for any heart. Marquez weaves together music with stories about the artist’s life in Havana. “ A musical gem” —  Latin Beat Magazine. Guest artists include Clay Giberson, keyboard; Jeff Leonard, bass; Charlie Doggett, drums; Rafael Trujillo, percussion; John Nastos, saxophone. [See artist bios below and visit the La Luna Nueva library at for links to multimedia samples.]

“Inspirational Sounds from Latin America” with Gerardo Calderón and “A Sultry Night in Latin America” with Correo Aereo
One performance: 7:30 p.m. • Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011 • $15 advance, $17 door
In this unique double bill, Gerardo Calderón performs material from his new CD titled “Traveler”, a combination of Latin American rhythms both dramatic and soothing that lead audiences around the world as they listen to the melodies of flutes accompanied by guitar and percussion. Then Correo Aereo, Seattle’s award-winning world music trio of Abel Rocha, Madeleine Sosin and Evan Flory-Barnes introduces a stunning array of string and percussive instruments with silken vocal harmonies in a sensual combination that is both viscerally ancient and vibrantly contemporary — music to decolonize the mind, free the soul and celebrate life! [See artist bios below and visit the La Luna Nueva library at for links to multimedia samples.]

Edna Vazquez with Mariachi Los Palmeros
One performance: 7:30 p.m. • Thursday, Sept. 22, 2011 • $15 advance, $17 door
Originally from Colima, Edna Vazquez is a rising star, a remarkable singer/songwriter, guitarist and member of Los Palmeros Mariachi band, who with a number Los Palmeros musicians offers Milagro audiences the extraordinary experience of three distinct styles of Mexican mariachi music from the regions of Occidente, Huasteca and Norteña. [See artist bios below and visit the La Luna Nueva library at for links to multimedia samples.]

Latin Jazz Night with Alfredo Muro Trio
One performance: 7:30 p.m. • Friday, Sept. 23, 2011 • $20 advance, $23 door
Savor the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Paulinho Nogueira, José Feliciano, Luiz Bonfa and more when Latin Grammy-nominated guitarist Alfredo Muro is joined onstage by Todd Strait (drums) and Brian Healey (bass), with special guest Lynn Darroch. [See artist bios below and visit the La Luna Nueva library at for links to multimedia samples.]

"Guitarra Apasionada (Passionate Guitar)” with Alfredo Muro
One performance: 7:30 p.m. • Saturday, Sept. 24, 2011 • $20 advance, $23 door
Latin Grammy-nominated Alfredo Muro brings together his three great musical passions – the rich folkloric traditions of Latin America, classic Spanish guitar and the signature styles of Brazil for an evening of passionate music to stir the heart. Music by Piazzolla, Falu, Jobim, Powell and more. "A highly refined technique and artistic expression of a virtuoso classical maestro” -Guitar Foundation of America. "Richly eloquent"-José Feliciano. [See artist bios below and visit the La Luna Nueva library at for links to multimedia samples.]

“Los Dedos Bailan, Las Cuerdas Cantan (Fingers Dance, Strings Sing)” with Toshi Onizuka
One performance: 7:30 p.m. • Friday, Sept. 30, 2011 • $20 advance, $23 door
With Al Martin (percussion), Laura Onizuka (palmas and dance), and invited guest Catarina New (saxophone and piano), Japanese-born Toshi Onizuka shares both original compositions and standards al sabor de Toshi, performing solo at first and then gradually adding layers of instrumentation to explore his unique and creative style of Latin fusion. [See artist bios below and visit the La Luna Nueva library at for links to multimedia samples.]


 “Nuestros Cuentos (Our Stories)” with ¡Viva La Cultura! (Donna Oefinger, Andy Sterling, Rebecca Martínez)
One performance: 2 p.m. • Sunday Sept. 18, 2011 • $7 advance, $9 door for ages 5-12; $12 advance, $14 door for ages 13+ • Bilingual
In this interactive, dynamic and culturally rich presentation of folktales, folkloric dances and traditions of Africa, Mexico, Cuba and Brazil, three folkloric music, dance and storytelling artists pool their talents to explore the idea that no matter where we live, we can discover our own story. Children in the audience are invited to participate in the performance, becoming storytellers themselves through sound, Spanish words and song, costumes, percussive rhythms and movement ! [See artist bios below and visit the La Luna Nueva library at for links to multimedia samples.]

 “Mexico Lindo” with ¡Viva la Cultura! (Joaquín López, Rebecca Martínez , Edna Vazquez)
One performance: 2 p.m. • Sunday, Sept. 25, 2011 • $7 advance, $9 door for ages 5-12; $12 advance, $14 door for ages 13+ • Bilingual
Three artists of Mexican music, dance and theatre unite in the celebration of Mexican culture. This performance, in English and Spanish, highlights the music of Mexico through many songs known and loved by children and adults alike. Audiences are encouraged to celebrate their own cultures and communities, and children are invited to dance and sing with the performers in this interactive performance. [See artist bios below and visit the La Luna Nueva library at for links to multimedia samples.]


 “Be careful! The Sharks Will Eat You!” a one-man show written and performed by Jay Alvarez and Directed by Theresa Gambacorta
Three performances only: 7:30 p.m. Monday-Wednesday, Sept. 19-21, 2011 • $15 advance, $17 door • English
At times, brutal, at times full of laughter and love, Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You! played to sold out audiences in New York City and Miami Florida. This true story takes you to the sultry beats of The Tropicana in the 1950s, the danger of Fulgencio Batista’s fall and Fidel Castro’s rise to power, a political revolution and a CIA attempt to separate children from parents, the longing for a better life that propels one to throw themselves, under the cover of a moonless night into the unknown — events that shaped the Alvarez family's escape from Cuba in 1964. Sponsored by Cubanísimo Vineyards

“The House of the Spirits/La Casa de los Espíritus”, a play by Caridad Svich, based on the novel by Isabel Allende
Two Staged Readings: 7 p.m., Monday, Sept. 26, 2011 • Free • English and 7 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011 • Free • Spanish
Charting the rise and fall of the Trueba family in an unnamed Latin American country (reminiscent of Chile), Caridad Svich’s award-winning play spans the 1920s through the 1970s, as the country moves through enormous sociopolitical changes that culminate in a devastating dictatorship. The play is told from the sensorial point of view of the youngest of three generation of women, Alba, who is held as the play opens, in a torture room by the government. The swirling memories, frightening and amusing, lyrical and fantastic, illuminate the stage as Alba records her family’s history and ultimately finds the strength to recover her own story. This new re-imagining of “The House of the Spirits” is a bold and daring theatre piece that captures the force and sensuality of Allende’s vision through Caridad Svich’s unique poetic spirit.


Noche de los poetas (Poets Open Mic Night)
7 p.m. • Tuesday, Sept. 27, 2011 • Free • Bilingual
Enjoy works of poetry by Latino poets — from both the canons of literary giants such as Pablo Neruda and Federico García Lorca as well as original work by local authors. Audiences are invited to also bring their own Latino poetry to share in English or Spanish.


Visual Art Exhibits curated by Allan Oliver
Open daily 6:30-7:30 p.m. • Sept. 16-Oct. 2, 2011 • Free
Throughout the festival, art lovers can view the original paintings of two impressive visual artists from Perú. William Hernandez, who now lives in Portland, will display his collection entitled “Sol y Luna (Sun and Moon)” in the lobby of El Centro Milagro, while Claudio Alberto Soriano exhibits “Recuerdos del pasado y del futuro (Past and Future Memories)” in El Zócalo, a new community space adjacent to the theatre lobby. [See artist bios below and visit the La Luna Nueva library at for links to multimedia samples.]

ABOUT THE GUEST ARTISTS (in alphabetical order)

 Jay Alvarez is a bi-coastal actor whose Los Angeles theatre credits include: “Havana Bourgeois” opposite Tony Plana, (Haywood Theatre), “Noblesse Oblige” (Stages Theatre) and the Ovation Nominated play “The Shelter” (The Odyssey Theatre) TV credits include: the unforgettable French Waiter on Fox’s “Til Death” with Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher and “The Soprano’s” as well as national commercials for American Express and McDonald’s. In addition to NYC and LA theatre, Jay has worked in Washington DC at The Shakespeare Theater, Kennedy Center, Studio Theater and Gala Hispanic Theatre, among others. With “Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You!,” Jay embarks on a completely different and new experience, honoring his parents and their journey to America. Jay has performed “Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You!” to sold out audiences at Stage Left in NYC as well as Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Area Stage in Miami, The Institute for Cuban and Cuban American Studies at the University of Miami. Theatre of NOTE in LA where it was invited back as a “Best of Fringe” show and played at Art Works Theatre LA. Before Portland “Sharks” was performed in NY at FringeNYC. The show will also have a three week run at Metro Stage in Washington DC in April 2012. Thank you to Ellen and Kelly for their great work. John Laffan for his love and support. And last but not least to Theresa Gambacorta without whom this story might never have seen the light of day. Jay would also like to thank his mentor and Master Teacher, Mr. Wynn Handman. An integral part of American theatre history, Jay credits Wynn for his development as an actor and bestowing on him the confidence to stand on this stage today. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

 Lorena Aranda is the artistic director and teacher of MOVEO, MVP dance studio, Groove Nation and many more.

 Antonio Arrebola was born in Málaga in 1981 and began dancing at the age of eight. He began his dance studies at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza in Málaga, where he was trained in baile flamenco, ballet clásico and clásico español and studied with Susana Lupiañez, Ricardo Caña, and Valentina Letova.   In 2001, Antonio was awarded a full scholarship from the Fundación Cristina Hereen de Arte de Flamenco in Sevilla to continue perfecting his technique, and studied under such flamenco greats as Javier Latorre, Javier Barón, Rafael Campallo, Manuel Soler, and Hiniesta Cortés.  The following year, Mario Maya selected Antonio as a student at the Centro Escénico in Granada, where he studied with Alejandro Granados, Rafaela Carrasco, Belén Maya, and Juan Andrés Maya. After successfully completing a year of studies in Granada, Antonio was called back to the Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte de Flamenco to teach as a substitute teacher for Rafael Campallo. Back in Sevilla, he continued to deepen his studies with Pilar Ortega and Andrés Peña. Antonio has been dancing professionally since the age of fifteen. He has danced in many prominent tablaos in Andalucía, such as the Christina Hoyos Flamenco Museum, El Arenal, Casa Carmen, Palacio Andaluz, and Casa de la Memoria in Sevilla; La Cueva, La Rocío, and Los Tarantos in Granada; and El Rincón del Tiriri and El Tano in Málaga. In addition to tablaos, Antonio has also danced in some of the most important peñas in Sevilla, such as Pies Plomo and Torre Macarena. Antonio has also appeared in many acclaimed flamenco festivals in Spain. In 2007, Antonio danced in the Festival de Jerez and the Bienal de Málaga, where he performed alongside Mercedes Ruíz, Manuel Liñan and Belén Lopez. He has also danced in the Festival de Los Veranos del Corral in Granada, the Festival de Castiblanco de los Arroyos in Sevilla, and the Festival Flamenco de la Alameda de Hercules, also in Sevilla, where he performed with Rosario Toledo and Chano Lobato.  Antonio has also been recognized on the international scene, elating audiences in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Poland, Italy, Morocco, Canada, and the United States. Most prominently, he performed in Japan with the company of Yoko Komasutbara, sharing the stage with Antonio Márquez and Curro de Bormujo. He was also part of the Rafael Cortés Company, along with Domingo Patricio, Jose Lucía, and others, touring in Germany, Poland, and Switzerland. He also worked with the Maria Serrano Company in the show Flamentango in Canada, and, in addition, has toured in Europe with his own company.  Antonio moved to New York City in late 2010 to continue to share his love and passion for the Art of Flamenco on the international scene. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

 Brian Baker is a choreographer and member of Portland’s Blazers Breakin Crew and Def-Con 5.

 Gerardo Calderon , Musical Director of Grupo Condor and Nuestro Canto, studied classical guitar at the Escuela Superior de Música in Mexico City, and Theory and Composition at the Portland Community College in Oregon. As a professional musician, Gerardo has pursued his interest in traditional Mexican music, Latin American folk music and Pre-Colombian music by performing with folk ensembles in Mexico, Canada, New England and the Pacific Northwest. He has also toured with choir and world music ensembles, and composed music and designed sound for dance and theatre companies. Gerardo has been a teaching artist for the past 15 years and has continuously served the Northwest community through Young Audiences of Oregon and SW Washington since 1993, Oregon Historical Society since 2001, and Multnomah County Library System since 2001. Gerardo has arranged, composed and produced multiple albums for Grupo Condor, Nuestro Canto and different artistic collaborative projects such as Animare, Duende and Cirque des Courageuses with the Circus Project group from Portland. As a parallel activity to performance and teaching, Gerardo is an instrument artisan; he makes custom panflutes, rain-sticks, water drums, turtle boxes and bombos (bass drums). He is currently studying at PCC before transferring to Marylhurst University for a degree in music therapy. Gerardo enjoys playing at elder facilities as part of his music therapy career. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

 Correo Aereo (Air Mail) is an award-winning multi-instrumental and vocal Latin American/World Music Duo. Abel Rocha and Madeleine Sosin combine a stunning array of string and percussive instruments with silken vocal harmonies described as “locked in carnal embrace” by the Austin Chronicle. Correo Aereo performs traditional music of Latin America: especially of Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico, and original music rooted deep in these lineages and their Indigenous roots and African, N. African and Sephardic diasporas. Their deep and sensual honoring of tradition while embracing organic innovation results in music that is both viscerally ancient and vibrantly contemporary. Dirty Linen Magazine proclaimed them “one of the most exciting acoustic ensembles to appear in many years.” Abel sings and plays harp, guitar, cuatro and quinta huapanguera. Madeleine sings and plays violins, maracas, bombo and jarana. They are often joined by Amy Denio, (Kulture Shock & The Tiptons), on accordion, clarinet and voice. Her four-octave voice is “a thing of wonder” according to the Seattle Times. Correo Aereo has recorded three CDs and appears on many audio compilations and collaborations. They are featured in film and television, including Universal Pictures “The Life Of David Gale”, FaronWestProduction’s star studded music documentary “Before the Music Dies” and composed and performed the soundtrack for “Shipibo Konibo” by Dutch filmmaker Willem Malten. Correo Aereo has performed at festivals, theaters and music venues throughout the U.S. and abroad, including Winnipeg Folk Festival, Austin Music Hall, EMP Seattle, Holland's prestigious Moondive; an international media project/concert produced by VPRO Television-Radio Amsterdam, Seattle International Children’s Festival and the Knitting Factory, NYC. Their music has been featured on NPR Radio programs; Latino USA, All Things Considered and on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now. Correo Aereo was selected winner of the prestigious Austin Music Award for “Best Traditional Mexican/Latino Act 2000-2001” and their many artistic adventures and collaborations include their original bi-lingual multi-media ensemble production, “Para Cantarle al Rio/To Sing A River”, “Warped Like Space & Time” with LelaVision and “Songs across Walls of Separation”, an international collaborative CD project produced by KKV Norway. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

 A music journalist and regular contributor to The Oregonian, Lynn Darroch has lived and taught in Spanish-speaking countries and edited the anthology, Between Fire and Love—Contemporary PeruvianWriting. His musical stories about jazz figures appear on his latest CD, “Local Heroes/American Originals,” and he hosts a weekly jazz show on KMHD FM. He has contributed articles on music figures to The Encyclopedia of United States Popular Culture and to the Oregon Encyclopedia. He taught literature and writing at Mt. Hood Community College for 18 years and currently edits the monthly magazine, Jazzscene. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

 Ricardo Diaz discovered the art of flamenco in San Francisco, where he began his studies with guitarist Jorge Liceaga. At the advice of his teacher and mentor Liceaga, Ricardo started traveling to Madrid, where he studied with "El Entri" and "El Viejin". Ricardo would soon begin working in the San Francisco Bay Area "Tablaos" accompanying many Bay Area Flamenco artists. Soon after, Ricardo would start traveling the U.S. and Europe working with Gypsy singer Cristo Cortes and Flamenco Sur, performing in cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Portland, London, Amsterdam, Geneva and Paris. Ricardo continued touring in China with a San Francisco group led by guitarist Roberto Aguilar. Later he would appear on Shaw TV, CBC Canada, Fox TV, NBC and TF1 in France also interviewed in Argentina with Flamenco magazine "Contratiempo" and web magazines such as SF Flamenco and Luna del Olivar as well as the SF Chronicle. Ricardo has continued working in different Peñas in Seville and several Festivals around the world in Seville, Vancouver, Albuquerque, Avignon, Grenoble and Mont de Marsan. Ricardo has perform with world renown Flamenco artist such as La Tania, Alejandro Granados, Jesus Montoya, Jose Anillo, Juan Requena, Pastora Galvan, Canito, Alegria Suarez, David Lagos and Andres Marin. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

 Evan Flory-Barnes is bassist, composer, who lives in Seattle, WA, who envisions and lives the creation of a community of musicians and other artists brought together by excitement, collaboration, and a spirit of well-being.. The original groups Threat of Beauty, Industrial Revelation,and The Teaching have each been born of this spirit. He performs regularly with groups in all genres, including Meklit Hadero, Marc Seales Quintet, Jovino Santos Neto, Correo Aereo and Choklate. Evan received a Meet the Composer commission in 2009 to produce his orchestral work an Acknowledgment of a Celebration.

Theresa Gambacorta is a NYC actress, playwright and director.  “Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You!” marks Theresa’s tenth  solo play that she has either developed and directed and/ or written. Solo shows written by Theresa include her Off-Broadway hit “La Magnani!” about Italian actress Anna Magnani, which ran for six weeks at The Arclight Theatre enrapturing audiences that included Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson, “Breaking The Glass”, directed by Cheryl King, which premiered at Stage Left Studio and was also a part of Estrogenia Solo Voce Festival 2009. Her latest solo play, "The Vegas Project" will be featured in Sept. 2011 as part as the Women at Work Festival.  She is currently directing Cheryl King in Sally Lambert's "Grapefruit",  and Jessica Sherr in "Bette Davis Ain't For Sissies", playing at Los Kabayitos Theatre at the 2011 NYC FRINGE Festival .  She is a Master of Arts candidate in Educational Theatre at New York University.  For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

 New York native Brian Healey has played bass professionally for more than two decades. Healey is a graduate of the Hartford Camerata Conservatory and has studied privately with acclaimed musicians Dave Santoro, Dave Holland, Michael Moore and Joey Baron. As a chameleon sideman, Healey has performed both nationally and internationally in a wide range of musical styles ranging from symphonies, Caribbean steel bands, bluegrass to avant-garde jazz. Before relocating to Portland, Healey performed with such notable east coast musicians as Carmen Leggio, guitarist Ken Wessel (Ornette Coleman's Prime Time), singer Giacomo Gates, drummer/band leader Sherrie Maricle (DIVA Jazz Orchestra) and Todd Strait (Marian McPartland). Recent festival performances include 2003 Vancouver Wine & Jazz Festival, 2004 Portland Jazz festival and the Australian 60th Jazz Convention 2005. Currently residing in Portland, Healey has recorded and/or performed with some of the area's finest talent in town.

William Hernandez is a Peruvian artist who completed his professional education in Lima at La Escuela de Bellas Artes (1995-2002), with a specialization in painting and drawing. William’s works have been exhibited in galleries and cultural centers in Lima, including ICPNA and Centro Cultural de Espana. In 2007 and 2008, he participated in the U.S. Embassy’s Noche de Arte: the largest art exhibition in Peru which generates funds for USAID. Aside from painting, William worked as a graphic designer for public and international institutions in Lima; in addition, he worked as an art teacher for El Museo de Arte. Since moving to Portland, Oregon in July of 2009, William has shown art at many cafes, stores and galleries throughout Portland. He was one of the organizers for the first Intercambio de Artistas Latinos (Latino Artists Exchange) held at Miracle Theatre Group last February, which aims to create a network of artists in the Northwest in order to share ideas, expression and art. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

Joaquin Lopez is an artist in Portland, Oregon. As a musician he writes and composes music in both Spanish and English. Currently, his deep love is in learning and performing the stories and songs of Mexican folklore and writing music inspired by it. Trained as an actor, he enjoys infusing this rich folklore with drama and imagination while giving light to his personal view of what it is to be Mexican-American in today’s world. Through tamale parties, he shares these stories and songs along with his own anecdotes about his unique experience of working alongside his family at La Bonita, a beautiful little Mexican taqueria in the heart of the Alberta Arts District, while party guests learn the art of making tamales by hand. His songs and stories not only share the landscape of his heart and soul, but they share with others the rich cultural heritage scribed by his ancestral and indigenous roots. Joaquin studied theater at Southern Oregon University, vocal performance at The Los Angeles Music Academy and has classically trained with Diane Harris. He has written and performed for DanceGatherer Dance Company, The Haven Project, Viva la Cultura, and Artists Rep’s Spotlight Program. In the fall of 2007, with Viva la Cultura, he co-write a touring show that featured songs of both Spanish and Mexican folklore that was seen throughout elementary and middle schools of Portland. As an actor he performed in the Oregon Children’s Theater production of Ferdinand the Bull as El Duque Dodo, in the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s production of Blood Wedding as 2nd Young Man, with the Eugene Symphony reciting Tubby, The Tuba and in the popular holiday show An Evening of Flamenco and Ballads as Balladeer for the Sowelu Theater Ensemble. During the school year he teaches guitar and songwriting for grades 3rd through 12th throughout the Portland area and with the after school Sun Program and the I Had a Dream Foundation. He is also a private voice and songwriting teacher.

 Since 1997, Mariachi Band "Los Palmeros" was born with his Director trumpet player Aurelio Garnica,  Edna Vazquez joined the band in 1998 becoming the first woman and mariachi singer vocalist/guitar player in the North West.  Mariachi Los Palmeros is been around in the Oregon area for more than a decade, dedicated to entertain weddings, XV year old (Quinceaneras), Romantic Serenades and Cultural Festivals among all kinds of social events.  Los Palmeros has been presented all over Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Montana, and North California.  Los Palmeros is a well known band in the North West and the Latino Community; they have accompanied Latin American celebrities, and Mexican Idols as Yolanda del Rio, Maribel Guardia, Federico Villa, Beatriz Adriana, Marco A Solis, among others.  Mariachi Band Los Palmeros from Director Trumpet player Aurelio Garnica brings the traditional sound into a trip to all over Mexico.

 Jessie Marquez grew up eating her grandmother's Cuban cooking and hearing stories about the family's days on the island. She first visited her father's childhood home in 1996. Right away, she says, "There was something very familiar about it --the way people spoke, their gestures, their attitudes. I felt at home.” In 2003, members of the Afro-Cuban Allstars heard her sing in Havana and offered to produce her first CD. “Sana Locura,” recorded in a haphazard home studio between power outages, reached the top of the salsa and Latin jazz charts in Europe and the U.S.A frequent visitor to the island, she has appeared on Cuban television and radio and has performed throughout the country. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

 Al Martin hails from Los Angeles and began his professional career at the age of 17 in Portland. Al has performed in many genres as a percussionist; from the U.S. Air Force Jazz Band Ensemble to the Carnival Comparsas of Panama, to Ipanema Beach of Brazil. Some of his most memorable moments are performing with, Salsa Orchestra El Grand Combo de Puerto Rico, Poncho Sanchez, Chuchito Valdez, The Gerald Wilson Orchestra, and sharing the stage with Santana and Alice Coltrane. Al’s friends and mentors throughout the years have been Mongo Santamaria, Armando Peraza, Ray Baretto, Carlos Potato Valdez, Changuito, Giovanni Hidalgo, Airto Moreira, Willie BoBo, Tito Puente, Herbie Mann, and Dave Valentine. Al is an internationally recognized percussionist who shares his experience as a rhythm evangelist.

Jason Martinez , a flamenco dancer and cajón player, brings a unique style to the flamenco community. A native of Albuquerque, NM, Jason found flamenco through the dance program at the University of New Mexico, with instructors Eva Encinias-Sandoval and Pablo Rodarte. Recognizing flamenco’s movement potential and musical ingenuity, Jason traveled to Sevilla, Spain to study the art form. Upon his return he started classes at the National Institute of Flamenco under Joaquin Encinias and Omayra Amaya and became an instructor for the Institute of both dance technique and cajón. Indeed, study with these accomplished instructors has made Jason a talented instructor himself. Jason became an original member of Yjastros, The American Flamenco Repertory Company in January 2001 under the direction of Joaquin Encinias. He performed with the company in nine concert seasons including tours of the Southwestern United States. He became a soloist for the company in Fall 2005. Jason now resides and teaches in Tucson, AZ and has toured nationally as a soloist, most recently with flamenco companies throughout Florida, and Los Angeles. One review states: "Pieces like Farruca, with principal dancer, Jason Martinez, carry the dance to a transcedental level – Martinez shuffles his feet to the point that he almost hovers just above the surface of the stage." - El Valle Hispanic News

Rebecca Martínez works as an actor, director, singer, dancer and choreographer. A passionate believer in multicultural performance and community engagement, she founded Viva la Cultura, an ensemble of artists that performs dances, music and stories of the Americas for young audiences. Recently, she wrote and directed American Sueño and directed Oyá: Call the Storm, Sonia Flew and Ardiente Paciencia (Miracle Theatre). As a performer, Ms. Martínez has recently been seen in El Quijote (Miracle Theatre), Gossamer (Oregon Children’s Theatre), Chasing Empire's Soul (Artists Repertory Theatre), Finding Penelope (Sojourn Theatre – featured in American Theatre Magazine July, 2011) and On the Table (Sojourn Theatre). Bilingual in English and Spanish, she has instructed numerous workshops and residencies in theatre and Latin American folkloric dance for Oregon Children’s Theatre, YMCA, SUN Schools, RACC, Multnomah County Libraries, Sojourn Theatre, Portland Center Stage and many public and private schools throughout the region. Ms. Martínez served as the Education and Outreach Director for Artists Rep from 2007–2009, and prior to this, taught as an Actor to Go for 5 seasons. Ms. Martínez has also instructed and performed internationally. She is an ensemble member of Sojourn Theatre, and was awarded a Drammy award for outstanding choreography for 7 Great Loves and for Outstanding Acting Ensemble for The War Project: 9 Acts of Determination (Sojourn Theatre). For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

 Alfredo Muro was born in Lima, Peru. At the age of 10, he began teaching himself to play the guitar and he progressed rapidly. He was soon awarded a scholarship to study with Maestro Jose Pepe Torres at his Guitar Academy. At 13, Mr. Muro took the top prize in a nationally televised competition, featuring musicians from more than one hundred schools. In 1971, he won the year-long TV program, "Trampoline to Fame". Mr. Muro continued his studies with two of the greatest Peruvian guitar masters, Octavio Ticona and Carlos Hayre, gaining mastery of harmonic theory and the rich variety of Peruvian folklore. After four years of intense studies he moved to the United States to broaden his musical skills studying with great masters Manuel Lopez Ramos, Frank Costa and John Doan.
Mr. Muro had the honor of representing Peru at the 16th Annual International Guitar Festival -2005 in Lima and for the second time at the 5th Annual International Guitar Festival-2007 in Arequipa. These juried events featured artists from 13 countries, including Spain, Germany, Sweden, the United States, Argentina and Japan. In 2008, Mr. Muro was invited to participate at the Entre Cuerdas International Guitar Festival in Chile and at the First International Guitar Festival in Junin de los Andes in Argentina. In April of 2009, he performed in Brazil at the Federal University of Rio do Janeiro and later in the July he was featured in three concerts in the cities of Numberg and Berlin, Germany. While on tour in Europe, Mr. Muro played with his group Oro Del Peru for the late Pope John Paul the Second at a "Special Audience" at the Vatican. Over the years he has been invited to participate in many international guitar seminars, and has been selected for Master Classes with some of the World's premier guitarists, such as Manuel Lopez Ramos (Argentina), Carlos Barbosa-Lima (Brazil) and Alfredo Escande (Uruguay). In addition, Mr. Muro has appeared on numerous recordings, stage, radio, and television programs. Mr. Muro has presented concerts in Germany, Italy, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile and in many venues throughout the United States. In 2007, he had the privilege to be the featured artist at the Kennedy Center for the Millennium Concert Series in Washington D.C. and at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. Mr. Muro is not only an accomplished soloist, but is also an arranger and composer. His work as an accompanist has also won critical acclaim. In 1999, Mr. Muro released a solo CD, "Journey Through The Strings" to rave reviews, with the honor of having international artist Jose Feliciano endorse the CD. Mr. Muro has released five other CD's: "The Musical Sea", "Alfredo Muro and Friends Live at St. Gertrude Monastery", "Alma Brasileira, Volume 1", "Alma Brasileira, Volume 2"and his latest solo guitar works "Latin Impressions", released June 2009. Another important project in progress is the publication of his transcriptions of selected Brazilian solo guitar works. His Repertoire ranges from classical music to Latin American and Spanish music, and from the Beatles, Baden Powell and Jobim, to Bach and Handel. Mr. Muro has a special love of Brazilian music. He has studied and mastered the intricate styles of Choro, Samba, Frevo, Bossa Nova and Afro-samba and interprets many South American composers such as Villa-Lobos, Barrios and Lauro with aplomb. In March of 2005, Mr. Muro was selected for the Jack Rosenberg Memorial, Musician of the Month Award, by the Jazz Society of Oregon in their Jazzscene magazine. The Centinela Newspaper in Portland, Oregon, featured Mr. Muro as the "Hispanic of the Month". The Hispanic Yellow Pages Directory introduced him as the "Pride of the Hispanic Community". Mr. Muro and his wife reside in Boulder, Colorado. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

With a Master's degree in Music education, Swedish saxophonist Catarina New came to New York 1993 to study at New School of Jazz. After 2 years of intense Jazz studies with such greats as Reggie Workman, Hal Galper, David Liebman, Bob Mintzer and Bill Evans Catarina moved to Los Angeles. Ms.New created a six piece band with a touch of Funky and Brazilian Jazz and performed all the Jazzclubs in L.A, making her name a household. In 1998 Catarina was accepted at University of Southern California and offered a full scholarship as a saxophone student. At the same time she was touring with Branscombe Richmond band and has through the years traveled and performed in Scandinavia, Germany, Brazil, Tahiti, Hawaii, performed at the Playboy Jazz fest, B.B.Kings, Jazz Bakery, La Ve Lee, House of Blues, L.A. and many other big venues. As a saxophonist Ms.New has performed with Trumpeter Bobby Shew and Bobby Rodriquez, Pianist Chuchito Valdez, Guitarist Kenny Burrell, Saxophonist Justo Almario, Drummer Thelonious Monk Jr., Vocalists Anita O'Day, Barbara Morrison and Nikki Harris to name a few. Catarina's second CD in collaboration with Marty Steele was released in 2004 and got great reviews. Well known entertainment editor Bruce Fessier is saying, "Catarina New deserves being mentioned in the same breath as Saxophonists Candy Dulfer and Mindy Abair". In 2006 Catarina won the "Southern California Music Awards" in the category "Best Jazz solo artist".

Donna Oefinger , owner of Center Space Studio in SE Portland, teaches Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian, Samba, and a class she co-created with her dance partner called Linage – a combination of movements from the African Diaspora and Popping. Donna has been a professional dance instructor and choreographer for over 10 years. As a teacher, Donna is known for her enthusiasm, passion and the respect she has for the origin of these dances. Her classes are a workout and challenge people of all levels of experience. As an artist she inspires and supports her students to further embody movement, not just imitate form. Donna has performed in a handful of groups as a dancer, director and percussionist for the past 12 years including Jujuba, The Lions of Batucada, Urban Ritual, and her group Axé Didé music and Dance Company. As the artistic director of Axé Didé Donna masterfully combines rhythms and dances mainly from Cuba and Brazil but also from the diverse lineages of the African Diaspora. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

Laura Onizuka , founder and owner of Portland Flamenco Events, has trained in Sevilla, Madrid, and Jerez, Spain with artists such as: Mercedes Ruíz, La Chiqui de Jerez, La Truco, Miguel Cañas, Matilde Coral, Manuel Liñan, Marcos Flores, Inmaculada Ortega, Angeles Gabaldón, Alicia Márquez, Ricardo López, Emilio Ochando, Ana María López, Felipe Mato, and María Bermúdez. Laura is known for her strong technical skills, attention to detail, and passion as both a performer and instructor. Her students have described her as “Phenomenal, inspiring, calm, patient, and amazing.” “Laura is one of the most languid, gracious, and curvy flamenco dancers I have ever seen since Inma Ortega.” Laura has performed with reknown flamenco artist, Ricardo López. She also performs throughout the Portland area with artists such as Tarik and Julia Banzi of Al-Andalus, Ricardo Díaz, Vicente Griego, La Magdalena, Danica Sena, Toshi Onizuka, Greg Wolfe, Danny Romero, Reinhardt Melz, Mark Ferguson, Rafaela de Cadiz, Danica Sena, and Diana Bright. She holds a Master of Arts in Education and is skilled in teaching both adults and children. She runs the flamenco program at the New Day Center for the Arts and teaches residencies at dance and elementary schools in the Portland Metropolitan area. Laura believes in the importance of continuing her own flamenco education and continually expanding her knowledge of the art form. She travels regularly to Spain in order to maintain her connection to flamenco’s roots and to share her experiences with others. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

 Toshi Onizuka was born in Tokyo, Japan. At 20, he began playing guitar. Inspired by the music of Al DiMeola, Paco De Lucia, and Django Reinhardt, Toshi sought to develop his own sound. Toshi realized that in order to achieve this, he would need to teach himself. He quickly became consumed with the guitar and devoted himself completely to developing his technique. In 1993 he moved to Seville, Spain where he lived for five years. Based in Seville, Toshi immersed himself in the Spanish music scene, playing with as many musicians as he could, traveling to different parts of the the country as well as Morocco. Two of those years Toshi spent performing and touring with the internationally acclaimed Flamenco fusion group Pata Negra. While in Spain, Toshi developed a fascination with rhythm which can be heard in his playing today. In 1997 he released his first solo CD, Toshi, an effort that featured musicians from Spain and Brazil and included all original songs written and produced by Toshi. Toshi has appeared on the recordings of various artists including the internationally acclaimed singer Gino Vanelli. He has collaborated with a variety of local artists including Lawson Fusao Inada, Oregon's 2006-2008 Poet Laureate, Portland Taiko, Bobby Torres, and Aaron Meyer. In January 2008 he was featured on OPB’s Oregon ArtBeat and has been featured on KMHD’s Home Grown Jazz and Home Grown Live and has taken the stage at numerous northwest events such as the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival, Art in the Pearl, the Dragon Moon Festival, and the Sandy Summer Concert Series. Toshi released his second solo CD, Voy Con Fusión in September 2008, a creation which he describes as a musical stew consisting of flamenco, jazz, rock, and hip hop. Toshi has become known for his keen improvisational skills and his distinctive sound that uniquely combines flat picking with dynamic percussive sounds made on the surface of his guitar. Critics have said that Toshi makes it seem as if “two guitars were playing,” Pamela Ellgen, The Asian Reporter, that his “fingers move like a butterfly fluttering its wings as he shows how he plays his flamenco-flavored jazz-fusion music,” Rob Cullivan of the Gresham Outlook, and that “Onizuka has found it in his way-talented heart to bless Portland with his classy, delicate playing,” Max T. Malt of the Willamette Week. Toshi's music isn't easily categorized and can't be limited to a specific genre; he prefers to think of it as a truly international sound that knows no borders and has no boundaries. Toshi currently resides in Portland, Oregon where he performs nightly. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

Gabriela Portuguez is a Latina artist from East L.A. who has taught, performed and choreographed for the past 25 years in professional companies, private studios and educational facilities. Gabriela’s 15-year professional background includes, movies, music videos, infomercials, dance company member, and live dance performances in film and TV industry. Since moving to Portland in 2008, Gabriela has had the opportunity to work with nonprofit art organizations such as Whitebird Dance and Miracle Theatre Group. She is founder of Latin Groove PDX Productions and has performed with LADF Showcase, USC Performing Arts, LA Carnival Showcases, Portland’s Arena Football League, Portland’s WNBA Hip Hop Squad, MOVEO Dance Company productions, LA Salsa Company. She has taught or choreographed for Zurich 225 Arena; Miracle Theatre Group and Teatro Milagro cultural teaching programs; Zeal Studios, LA Millennium Dance Complex & Edge Dance Studio; Tremaine Dance Convention; Arizona State University Dance Crew; Lower Columbia College; Groove Nation Dance; MVP Dance Elite; and Multnomah Athletic Club. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

Abel Rocha , singer and musician, performs music of Latin America. Abel plays Mexican and Venezuelan harp, guitar, quinta huapanguera and Venezuelan cuatro. Born in 1960 in Mexico City (Distrito Federal), Abel received his first musical training and inspirations from his family. At 18 years old, he started university studies in the National School of Anthropology (Escuela nacional de antropologia e historia), and simultaneously started classical guitar studies in the Estudio de Arte Guitarristico de Manuel Lopes Ramos. He co-founded Quetzalcoatl in 1985. Their music was featured in films American Me, and W. I. Warshawski. He co-founded the award winning multi-instrumental vocal duo Correo Aereo with Madeleine Sosin in 1992. Correo Aereo performs traditional and original music of Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina, sometimes joined by Evan Flory Barnes on stand-up bass or Amy Denio on accordion, clarinet and voice. Correo Aereo tours nationally and internationally. Correo Aereo’s music has also been featured in film, television and radio. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

 Charlene Rose (co-choreographer of “Evolution of Latin Hip Hop”) is among the likes of great talent in the salsa world. She has performed, given workshops and taught classes internationally; and if you happen to be one to study under Charlene, you'll find that she embodies passion, style and grace within the movements of this great genre of dance. Charlene has been noted to be a precise, meticulous instructor and utilizes the extensive training she received from many years under instructors from such prestigious companies as The Pittsburg Ballet, The Boston Ballet, American Ballet Theater, the Pacific Northwest Ballet, and Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. She was the Vice World Champion of the World Salsa Federation Showdance Competition (Miami); placed first at the Mayan International Salsa Competition (Los Angeles) in 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2006 as well as the Northwest Salsa Congress Competition in 2006; and appeared in numerous publications. Charlene is currently expanding her own company on the West Coast called Charlene Rose Dance Ladies Stylin Salsa Company. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

 Claudio Alberto Soriano was born in Cuzco, Peru, and has lived and worked in Ecuador for 12 years. He studied in La Escuela Superior Autonónoma de Bellas Artes Diego Quispe Titto in Cuzco. The themes of his paintings are inspired by the Inca symbolism of his native country, transformed and enhanced by his experience in Ecuador. Since 1979, Soriano has had over 20 individual exhibitions in Peru, Ecuador, Switzerland, Chicago and Portland, and has participated in more than 20 group shows. He is represented in collections in Buenos Aires, Lima, Chicago, Portland, as well as in major Ecuadorian cities. He exhibited at Onda Gallery in Portland in 2010 and was recently one of the featured artists at the Latino Cultural Festival in Hillsboro as well as solo artist at Angst Gallery in Vancouver. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

Madeleine Sosin begged for and started playing violin at 4 years old under the Suzuki Method. At 5 years old, she auditioned and was selected to study with Mary West, who became her beloved violin master and teacher of life. Also starting very young her mother took her often to flamenco performances late into the night, and that music stirred and flowed in her blood as the voice of her Spanish Sephardic heritage. At 9 years old, Madeleine was selected to be Concert Mistress of the Minneapolis Youth Symphony where she also performed Solo work. She attended summer music camps under the direction of the members of the world acclaimed St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, where she did both orchestral and chamber work, and was selected to perform solo work. One year later, she also started playing for the St. Paul Youth Symphony where she was 1st Chair 2nd Violin under the direction of Ralph Winkler. At 13 years old, Madeleine took a job playing orchestra for the Children’s Theater Company of Minneapolis. At 16 years old, Madeleine continued to expand her creative expression beyond classical music, studying Flamenco with Susanna de Palma and founding her first company, Kithara, a world music and dance company. With Kithara, Madeleine performed in festivals and on street corners. At 18 years of age, Madeleine was accepted into the California Institute of The Arts. Madeleine chose this school because of the interdisciplinary approach to the arts, one that allowed her to be accepted into both the music and dance departments. During this time, she studied violin with Yoko Matsuda, modern and contemporary dance with Gus Solomons Jr., Donald Byrd, Members of Martha Graham Company, Bella Lewitsky Co., & ballet with Mia Slovinska. She studied Javanese and Balinese music with Pakchokro Wenten and dance with I Nyoman & Nanik Wenten. She enjoyed being able to break out of the rigid boundaries of classical music, exploring classical and world music, dance and theatre. Madeleine started acting during this time period, and a few years later, began performing physical theatre with The Palace Theatre (Minneapolis) and Creation Company (New York). She moved to Chicago where she studied theatre and performed with Steppenwolf Theater Ensemble. She continued her theatre studies in New York with Uta Hagen. Madeleine continues to study and explore various art forms and creative expression while being grounded in music. She co-founded the award winning Latin American music group Correo Aereo with Abel Rocha in 1992 and tours nationally and internationally. Their music has also been featured in television and films such as Universal Pictures, The Life of David Gale, directed by Alan Parker. With Correo Aereo she sings, plays violin, maracas, bombo, jarana and Quijada. She is also co-founder of AMA Trio with Abel Rocha & Amy Denio. Her countless collaborations include writing, directing & performing “Para Cantarle Al Rio/To Sing A River”, a bi-lingual multi-media music & theatre ensemble piece commissioned by the International Seattle Children’s Festival. Performing as Concert Mistress at Benaroya Hall & Town Hall Seattle for Evan Flory Barnes’s acclaimed, “Acknowledgment of a Celebration”, an orchestral suite with dance. “Warped Like Space and Time” with LelaVision at Broadway Performance Hall, Seattle. “Red”, and “Gravity of Kindness” with UMO Theatre Company. With Meklit Hadero at the Triple Door, Seattle, “Songs Across Walls of Separation”, an International CD project with KKV Records, Norway, and “Moondive”, an international collaborative music project for TV, radio and stage, Amsterdam, Holland. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

Andy Sterling is a versatile musician with an extensive knowledge of traditional and exotic folk instruments. He has played with many ensembles and dance companies, including the Lions of Batucada, Axé Didé, and MarchFourth Marching Band. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

Todd Strait was raised in Topeka, Kansas, and became involved in music in elementary school playing trumpet and drums. Eventually braces pushed the trumpet out of the picture and it's been drums ever since. Todd began gigging locally while still in 7th grade, mainly with his father's group. During his last year of high school he became involved in the 1979 "Louie Bellson/Slingerland National Drum Contest" where he eventually finished in second place at the Las Vegas finals. The scholarships gained from this experience enabled Todd to pursue his dream of moving to the NYC area and studing with Ed Soph in 1980. Upon relocating to the east coast Todd free-lanced in and around NYC and the Tri-State area, then joined Marian McPartland's trio in 1982 playing in New York City clubs and traveling occasionally with her across the country. In 1984 he also began playing with guitarists Tal Farlow and Barney Kessel. In '86 he joined Woody Herman's Thundering Herd for a 3 month cross-country stint before returning to NYC. 1990 found Todd relocated to Kansas City where a string of important connections were born. Besides gigging in KC and St. Louis with local favorites and visiting "stars", Todd toured nationally and internationally with Kevin Mahogany from 1995 until 2000, with Karrin Allyson 1995 until 2009, and with Eldar from 1999 until 2008 (See the discography page for related recordings, 3 of which were Grammy Nominees). In 2002 Todd relocated again, this time to Portland. A typical year of travel consisted of between 200-250 days on the road (between tours with either Eldar or Karrin) so Todd was not around Portland much those first 7 and a half years. But in mid 2009 he finally decided to change gears and stay put for awhile. Now he is enjoying being away from airplanes and playing with local greats such as PDXV, Greg Goebel's Trio, Warren Rand, Dan Balmer, and Randy Porter, among many other wonderful musicians in Portland and Seattle. Todd is also building a student base here in Portland. Besides serving as adjunct drumset instructor for UMKC in Kansas City,MO, from 1990-2002, Todd has been a faculty member for several summer jazz camps across the country over the last 20 years and is looking forward to his 10th consecutive year at the KU Jazz Camp in Lawrence, Kansas, this summer. Last year he joined the staff of YMA (Young Musicians and Artists) which holds two week sessions on the campus of Willamette University in Salem, Oregon. He will continue to serve as one of several adjunct drumset instructors at Mount Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon, during the school year as he has since 2003.

Caridad Svich is a US Latina playwright, translator, songwriter and lyricist and editor whose theatre pieces and songs, written in English and Spanish, have been presented across the US and abroad at diverse venues including Denver Center Theatre, Mixed Blood Theatre, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, The Women’s Project, Repertorio Espanol, INTAR, 59East59, Victory Gardens, McCarren Park Pool, 7 Stages, Salvage Vanguard Theatre/TX, Halcyon Theatre, Teatro Mori Parque Arauco (Santiago, Chile), ARTheater (Cologne), Teatro Mexico (Quito, Ecuador), US-Cuba Exchange, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival/UK.
2011 premieres: her play In the Time of the Butterflies (based on the novel by Julia Alvarez), in her Spanish-language version, at Repertorio Espanol in New York City, and Magnificent Waste at Factory 449 in Washington D.C.
She has been short-listed for the PEN Award in Drama three times, including in the year 2010 for her play Instructions for Breathing. Among her key works:12 Ophelias (a play with broken songs), Alchemy of Desire/Dead-Man’s Blues,Any Place But Here, Iphigenia Crash Land Falls on the Neon Shell That Was Once Her Heart (a rave fable)Fugitive Pieces, The House of the Spirits (based on the novel by Isabel Allende), The Labyrinth of Desire, The Tropic of X and the multimedia collaboration The Booth Variations. She was has been profiled in American Theatre magazine. Her work as playwright and translator has been developed by many organizations including J. Dakota Powell’s 2011 LoNyLa Lab (London-New York City-Los Angeles), the Royal Court, Traverse Theatre, Center Stage, A Contemporary Theatre, Goodman Theatre, Mark Taper Forum Theatre, and Seattle Rep.
She has translated nearly all of Federico Garcia Lorca’s plays and some of his poems, and theatrical works by Julio Cortazar, Lope de Vega, Calderon de la Barca, Antonio Buero Vallejo and contemporary plays from Mexico, Cuba and Catalonia. She is on the advisory board of the Us-Mexico Word Exchange at the Lark Play Development Center. Her plays are published by TCG, Smith & Kraus, Playscripts, Arte Publico Press and more. She is alumna playwright of New Dramatists, founder of NoPassport theatre alliance & press, associate editor of Routledge/UK’s Contemporary Theatre Review, contributing editor of TheatreForum, and Drama Editor for Asymptote international translation magazine. She has edited several books on theatre and performance includingTrans-Global Readings and Theatre in Crisis?(both for Manchester University Press) and Divine Fire (BackStage Books).
She’s been a Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Fellow at Harvard University, NEA/TCG Playwright in Residence at the Mark Taper Forum Theatre, TCG/PEW Playwright in Residence at INTAR. She is a member of PEN American Center, The Dramatists Guild and is an entry in the Oxford Encyclopedia of Latino History. She trained for four years with playwright Maria Irene Fornes, and also holds an MFA in Theatre-Playwriting from UCSD.

Roman Vasquez (co-choreographer of “Evolution of Latin Hip Hop”) is recognized for a variety of live performances in the dance industry nationally and internationally for over 30 years. Coming from Phoenix, Roman began his career as a hip hop dancer. As his desire for dance grew, he received his technical training in his hometown and progressed while attending dance conventions and performing locally. Moving to Las Vegas he performed in EFX with David Cassidy at the MGM Grand Hotel, Splash at the Rivera and became a member of the Culture Shock Hip Hop Dance Troupe. Now residing in Los Angeles, Roman has had the opportunity to work with artists such as Eva Longoria, Roselyn Sanchez, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Celine Dion, Anastacia, just to name a few. Other television and video credits include Dance with Jerry Springer, Pepsi, Sprite, EL Pollo Loco, Days of Our Lives and Tina Landons Instructional video. You can find him on he opening credits of the hit MTV Dance reality show of America’s Best Dance Crew as a dancer as well as the choreographer.
Visit the new La Luna Nueva festival library for access to photos, audio and video files, or view his style in Latin hip hop footwork in his recent class taught locally in Vancouver, Washington at a known hip-hop studio called Groove Nation:

 Edna Vazquez grew up for 16 years in Jalisco where the soul of mariachi was born. At 17 she arrived in the U.S. and started a career that she wouldn't have imagined in the music business. She found herself writing and performing music and songs that lift people's souls. She went on to sing nationally on television shows and contests. She recently graduated from college with a major in Education, and is about to publish her first book of poems later this year. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at

 ¡Viva la Cultura! is a multi-cultural ensemble of artists that present folkloric dance, music and stories of the Americas to young audiences. Founded in 2002 by theatre artist Rebecca Martínez, dancer Donna Oefinger (Director Axé Didé Dance Company) and musician Andy Sterling (Lions of Batucada, MarchFourth Marching Band), the ensemble tours performances to schools, libraries, festivals and community events throughout Oregon, in addition to instructing numerous dance and music residencies in elementary and middle schools each year.
¡Viva la Cultura! is on the artist roster of Young Audiences of Oregon and SW Washington. For more, visit the new La Luna Nueva festival media library at visit the artist’s website at




Jessie Marquez

Correo Aereo

Alfredo Muro & Lynn Darroch

Ricardo Diaz

Cristo Cortes

Edna Vazquez

Vicente Griego


The PGE Foundation, the corporate foundation of Portland General Electric, was established in 1997 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a permanent endowment. The Foundation’s giving is separate from the corporate giving of PGE. Since its inception, the Foundation has distributed more than $13 million to help improve the quality of life for all Oregonians by supporting statewide programs and services that encourage healthy families, provide educational opportunities and encourage the arts and cultural diversity. Gwyneth Gamble Booth is chair and Carole Morse is president. Since 2000, PGE Foundation has supported the Miracle Theatre Group with four grants totaling $37,500. To learn more about the PGE Foundation, visit

The House of the Spirits
by Caridad Svich
based onthe novel by
Isabel Allende

Directed by Tamara Carroll

Alex Leigh Ramirez
Allison Anderson
Beth Thompson
Tim Blough*
Matthew Dieckman
Brit Lee-Hillstrom
Rebecca Martinez
Darci Burch
Anthony Green
Gregory Heaton
Aubrey Jessen
*Member, Actors Equity Association

Dirigida por Verónika Nuñez

Blas Delascio
Germán Raúl Núñez
Gilberto Martín del Campo
Pablo Saldana
Nurys Herrera
Eva Rotter Johnson
Gabriela Di Pascuale
Mónica García
Bibiana Lorenzo-Johnston
Angela Bolaños-Osorio
Marisa Bevington


I absolutely LOVED this festival! The two events I attended were terrific. I hope you will continue to offer Poets' Open Mic as part of the festival. It was a wonderful way to build community and inspire creativity....

Jessie Marquez was fantastic! I have always wondered what Boleros are and now I have a better idea. Los Travesuras are the most amazing entertainers I have ever seen or heard!!!! Muchisimas Gracias!!!!

It was my first experience. I enjoyed very much. Ther was an intimate yet professional atmosphere. Keep getting the variety of Latin artists to promote the culture.

Good selections, high quality of artists, all seats in theatre are good, audience well behaved (even the kids)

The theater is comfortable and pleasant. Staff and performers are warm and enthusiastic. High quality performers for an affordable price.

Loved the intimacy of the venue, felt like we were immersed in the spirit of flamenco, thoroughly enjoyed the dancers, musicians, and especially the amazing & passionate singing of Stephanie Pedraza's cante jondo...goose bumps!

I was blown away by the quality and the variety of the performances. The last time I heard live Venezuelan traditional music was when I lived in Venezuela in the 1980's. And when do we ever get a chance, in Portland, to see the calibre of artists that graced the stage from Traveruras Flamenco group from Spain! They were ELECTRIC! Who knew that right here in Eugene we had such a professional and talented Cuban singer like Jessie Marquez! The open mic poetry, play and poetry readings were a great idea. So were the dance performances Overall, I was so impressed with the line up that the Festival Director put together and disappointed I could not attend everything I wanted to see. I can't wait until next year!

Great festival, great variety, do more poet evenings during the year


Antonio Sonera, Festival Director, has been working professionally in the Portland theatre community for 24 years. This is the second Luna Nueva Festival that he has directed . His other directing credits include: How the García Girls Lost their Accents, El Grito del Bronx, Un Christmas Cuento, Cuentos, Voces de Christmas, Cafe con Leche, Burning Patience, El Paso Blue, The American Sueño, Life is a Dream, References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, The True History of Coca-Cola in Mexico, and Mariela in the Desert for the Miracle Theatre, In addition to directing with local companies such as Paula Productions,Theatre Vertigo, 24 Hour Plays, Portland Actors Conservatory, CoHo Productions, Artists Repertory Theatre and, most recently, BaseRoots Theatre Co., he directed two national educational touring productions for CLIMB Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Antonio was the recipient of the Theatre Communications Group, Next Generation: Future Leaders in American Theatre grant, included working at the Miracle as the Associate Director till June 2010.

Kristeen Crosser ...Lighting Designer

Elizabeth Brown...Stage Manager

Sylvia Malán & Sara Hinds...House Managers




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